Friday, 7 December 2012

Melbourne Public Transport

So, my first week as a resident of Melbourne and I've been catching public transport happily (well, pretty happily) and on this, my fourth public transport day I encountered my first Train Knitter.  So exciting!  The lovely lady sat next to me and pulled out her project.  She saw me looking and smiled and I flashed my handknit socks.

I usually read on public transport, I don't think my knitting style is conducive to travel.  I tend to knit things that require me to have the pattern, and a tape measure, and a row counter, and stitch markers, and...well, anyway, I quite like reading on public transport.

So this is the new sock I have started from Ann Budd's "Sock Knitting Master Class" that requires all of the above accessories. I am doing Cookie A's Asymmetrical Cables. The yarn is "Burnt Cinnamon Roll" on BFL Superwash from Dye for Yarn.

I am so slow at cables but this seems to be going well. First repeat:


  1. I saw your wares being sold at Midland Farmer's Market again last week. Alas, I had no cash on me. Went back today, and they weren't there. Bad luck for me.

  2. Yes, Kath my Mother in Law skipped a week at the Midland Markets to go to a one off school fete instead, I need to get her to let me know which markets she is doing so I can let people know!