Saturday, 29 December 2012


So this week my day off excursion was to Sunspun in Canterbury. 

It's a nice little yarn store with lots of yarn choices.  It also had a lot of magazines and books but I averted my eyes as I do not need more patterns.  I did buy some supersoft yarn for an upcoming swap (no peeking swap partners!) and some purple Jitterbug sock yarn for me....not that I don't have enough sock yarn already.

I was interested to see that they had some Gotland yarn from Granite Haven Llamas. The Gotland breed originally comes from the Swedish Island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea, Granite Haven is the first to breed some in Australia.  I knew they had fleeces but wasn't aware that they had processed any of the fibre. The yarn felt good, soft and springy and the natural colours were really pretty. 

There doesn't appear to be anything about the Gotlands on their website yet but interestingly from their Flikr account  "Happy to send samples of yarn, roving to any interested knitter, spinner, felter world wide, contact me:". So if you can't get to Sunspun maybe that will help!

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