Friday, 15 March 2013

Moving Day...Almost

Finally our new apartment has settled and we are allowed to move in...sort of...It's a smarmy apartment and one of the smarmy rules is that you are not allowed to "move in" on weekends.  So we have to wait until Monday to get all of our furniture moved in.

However, that did not stop us bringing the several carloads of stuff we have had in our share house over.  We purchased the massive couch that was in the apartment as part of the deal so we have somewhere to sleep tonight.  Awesome!

So, I spent most of the day driving back and forward moving stuff, but I did get a bit of time to work on my latest KAL.  This month I am knitting Ghislaine.  I have finished one (apart from thumb and hemming) and have started the next.  As I am knitting from the stash I have available I am actually using the same yarn as I did for the last KAL.  Seems to be working out well though!  The photo background is our new couch, yes, it is brown...

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