Saturday, 10 August 2013

What's on the Wheel

Well, these two are actually off the wheel already, and one of them wasn't actually on the wheel at all as it was spun on my new Turkish spindle, but anyway...this is what I've been spinning recently.

The first one is from Inverleigh Farm in Victoria.  It's 100g of chocolate brown Corriedale, I've spun it to a DK weight for about 180m.

And this is the one I spun on my spindle.  I haven't used a spindle for ages - it's just too slow for me.  But as I was on holidays while the TDF was on and still wanted to spin I bought myself a nice Turkish spindle.  I must admit I enjoyed spinning on it quite a bit, I think I prefer to spin in public more than knit.  The fibre is New Zealand Merino from Maude and Me in the Alachu colourway.I've spun it to a 2ply lace weight.  There is about 240m for this 50g.  I do have another 50g and I guess I'm going to have to spin it on the spindle to match this, I really like how it came out and maybe I'll actually use it to knit something!

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