Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Tuesday Top

This week we have some "Alice in Wonderland" themed fibre from Fiber Quirks.  I loved matched fibres and these come as a set of a gradient dyed braid with a matching semi solid.  There is so much scope for combining colours with these sets.

This one is "Through the Looking Glass" with light orange.  Make sure to follow the link for other combos - I really like the Chesire Cat one (although it's not Chesire cat coloured).

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Something I'm Working On...

I have started kntting some more socks.  Pattern is "Business Casual" by Tanis Fiber Arts.  I keep choosing patterns with cables, even though I am bad at them, because they always look so cool.  I mean, these are totally argyle, sweet.

I decided that with these single stitch cables it was probably time to learn to "cable without a cable needle".  I'm using the instructions from Grumperina and it's pretty easy.  Definately better than having an extra needle hanging around.  Doesn't stop me from making stoopid mistakes though.  How many times can I twist a cable the wrong way? It's really not that hard to see which way it should go in the pattern, must learn to pay attention...

And the yarn is Dream in Colour Smooshy.  It really is quite smooshy, these are going to be pretty thick socks.  I guess they'll be good under the motorcycle boots.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Tuesday Top

Another fibre I haven't spun before, Jacob.
The Jacob sheep is a rare breed of small, piebald, multi-horned sheep.  They can have up to six horns, how cool is that?  Because they are naturally multi coloured the undyed roving can be really pretty.

This one is from YarnFiberWyrkz.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Tuesday Top

I have been spinning an Optim/Silk blend from Mosely Park over the last couple of days.  It's nice - very shiny and soft.
If you haven't heard of Optim fibre before it is made from a process deveoped by the CSIRO.  Fine Merino is stretched and then chemically set to make extra fine fibre, with a similarity to Cashmere softness.

From the CSIRO:
    OPTIM™ Fine has increased length and strength, as well as a silk-like lustre, but retains many of the desirable properties of fine wools, such as drape, handle, moisture absorbency and comfort.

Here is a sample from VioletLinx:

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Lotsa Spinning

This week I've had lotsa time to spin so I have made lotsa new handspun yarn.

I needed a bit of colour and I had quite a few "reject"  fibres from my Etsy store that for one reason or another I didn't want to sell, but were still lovely to spin from so I just picked what I felt like spinning at the time - pretty much for the colour, and apparently I ended up with four different fibres too.

From left to right:  SW Merino, Corriedale, Polwarth and BFL.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Tuesday Top

I've been knitting a lot over the last few days, I can't show you though because it is for a Swap on Ravelry and it is going to be a surprise.  I dyed the yarn for it and although it's not really my colour I love how the tonal variations are knitting up.  Wish I'd written down how I did it, as it was a one off I didn't worry about it, that'll learn me, right?

So, a tonal roving from Expertly Dyed, "Pink Confection" on Merino  Why so much pink recently?