Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Etsy Update

I've just added a couple of sock yarns to my Etsy store.  And these Merino braids will be added soon - some old colourways as well as a couple of new ones.  Head over to HalfBaked HandDyed to check them out.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Tuesday Top

Over the weekend I went to New Zealand.  I have more to report on that but for today I thought I would show off my purchase from Ashford which has it's headquarters in Ashburton. 

Quite large Traditional at Ashford

I bought this Perendale sliver which I am going to dye.  The Perendale is a breed developed in New Zealand from the Cheviot and Romney, it's a dual-purpose sheep producing fibre of around 32 microns.  It is especially suited to hilly country but it seems that it is not being used as much recently.

I've spun up some Perendale recently that I got from Maude and Me.  It's not supersoft but it was fun to spin and it made a springy yarn with an interesting texture.

Maude and Me Perendale "We Are Not a Football Team"

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Sunday, 13 October 2013

What's on the Wheel?

This week I've been spinning up some Merino/Silk top.  It's a new base that I'm planning on adding to my Etsy shop.  I dyed up a set in my latest fave colourway, "Comes A-Long A-Love" as a test.  I'm spinning from one end to the other without splitting the top and I'm going to chain ply to keep the long colour runs.  It's coming along nicely so far although there is less blue in the mix than I was expecting.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Tuesday Top

This roving has great colours and I'm sure it is soft and easy to spin but what I like about it the most is the way it's presented.

These are "Wooly balls" from three little crows. A crazy mix of pencil roving wrapped up how people often wind self striping yarn. There are lots of different colour combos and I think it looks cool!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Something Finished!

I actually finished this a little while ago but it was for a secret swap partner in the Color Swap group on Ravelry that I take part in, so I couldn't show it until it was received.

This swap, as well as being based on a colour that each swapper gets to pick for themselves, was also Autumn themed.  My partner chose pinks from Autumn flowers.  I hand dyed some tonal pink sock yarn and made a leafy themed lace shawlette.  The pattern is Saroyan, from Liz Abinante.  Lots of people have knit it, we're talking about 7500 people, so there are lots of mods and different versions to look at on Ravelry.  I used one of the mods which involved a new to me increase, KKL.  I love a new stitch!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Tuesday Top

This week we have an interesting blend of Manx Loaghtan and Silk from The Double Ewe.  The mixed colour looks great and the different textures of this top would make for an interesting yarn.

The Manx Loaghtan is a rare breed sheep native to the Isle of Man.  It is naturally brown in colour and is another breed of sheep that is multihorned.  So cool, check this guy out!