Monday, 21 October 2013

Tuesday Top

Over the weekend I went to New Zealand.  I have more to report on that but for today I thought I would show off my purchase from Ashford which has it's headquarters in Ashburton. 

Quite large Traditional at Ashford

I bought this Perendale sliver which I am going to dye.  The Perendale is a breed developed in New Zealand from the Cheviot and Romney, it's a dual-purpose sheep producing fibre of around 32 microns.  It is especially suited to hilly country but it seems that it is not being used as much recently.

I've spun up some Perendale recently that I got from Maude and Me.  It's not supersoft but it was fun to spin and it made a springy yarn with an interesting texture.

Maude and Me Perendale "We Are Not a Football Team"

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