Monday, 2 December 2013

Souvenir Yarn

I mentioned a little while ago that I was going to post about my trip to New Zealand.  It was just a short trip but I did manage to visit several yarnie shops as well as some of the spectacumalar scenery that the South Island of New Zealand has to offer.

I don't buy that much commercial yarn - I spin and dye my own so I don't really feel the need.  However, when I'm travelling I love to buy local yarn.  I did a bit of reseach before I went so I was able to steer our roadtrip in the direction of some good shops.

This is my favourite find:

Wanaka Station yarn from Fine Wools Wanaka.  It's undyed "wool" in about a worsted weight.  It's not supersoft (maybe a Corriedale blend?) but I love the colours and there's lots of it.  I reall want to make something with this next but I have choice anxiety.  Maybe something with stranding?  Maybe just stripes?

I've already mentioned my visit to Ashford Craft Shop and Knitcola Stitchery in Ashburton.  I got some of their Mackenzie yarn (which I made into the previously seen Tardis Socks).  They actually had a lot of New Zealandish yarn at Ashford - and they had some handspun too, as well as all the fibre.

Made a stop in Geraldine on a Sunday and they happened to be having a market day.  We went to The Alpaca Centre and I got some awesome alpaca mini skeins.  There were a whole lot in different colours in a little box and I must admit I was sucked in by the cuteness-damn you mini skeins!

In Christchurch we went to Knitworld.  It's got a good range of yarns, including New Zealand made stuff and would be the place to go if you were only visiting Christchurch.

Didn't have the time to visit Touch Yarns but their shop in Clyde is apparently very good and the place to find the possum blend yarns that NZ seems to be becoming famous for.  Most of the shops mentioned above sold the Touch Yarns brand too.

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