Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Etsy Update

Just added these hand dyed Shetland braids to my Etsy Shop.  There is also some of the undyed fibre available for anyone out there who likes to dye their own.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Tuesday Top

This week we have some batts, rather than top.   This is Kainuu Grey Wool.  It's grown and processed in Finland and then hand dyed and carded.  I love how they come in little matched sets like this too.

Nothern Lights trio from Wool Grey.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Beer and Bomb 5

Well, this confirms it.  There is definately a link between yarn bombing and craft beer. 

We went to check out the new Little Creatures Brewery in Geelong. 

Little Creatures is getting ridiculous and I'm kinda with you when you say that it can no longer be classed as "craft" beer.  Their Geelong Brewery is like some kinda theme park.  It's massive, has it's own craft market, there were bands, long lines and nowhere to sit. It was actually all a bit much for me as I like to enjoy my beers while sitting quietly at a comfortable table.  It would probably be fine on a quiet weekday but we were there on a sunny weekend lunchtime.

 So, in relation to the "bomb", there was this. 

It's obviously not actually yarn bombed but part of the planned decor.  The whole place had a bit of a hipster tone and I think that may be the link that I've been noticing. 

Craft beer and craft, hipster?

I think that may be a developing stereotype.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Holiday Knitting

After recent successes and in need for places to ride our motorbikes to, we have taken up visiting secondhand markets on the weekends.  We went to the Belmont Sunday Market in Geelong and it was awesome!  I got all sorts of crafty stuff and I could have got more.

This was the winner:

It is a little coffee stained (well, I hope it's coffee) but it's in pretty good shape, the print is good, it's got a tape measure attached to the back and the zipper works.  In fact, open the zipper up and what's inside but all this  "holiday" knitting.  Someone was working on some acrylic baby awesomeness apparently.
How much did this all cost me?  Three dollars, yep, and I reckon I could have got it cheaper if I had haggled.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Tuesday Top

This week some natural coloured top from The Old Ewe.  I think these "Feathering" tops would be great for blending.  And they come in a couple of different colour combos.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Yarn Sculpture

Went to the Lorne Sculpture Biennale.  There was some stuff to look at.  There was this yarn one, I'm not sure if you can call it yarn bombing.  It had some good colours, can't go wrong with bright blue and flourescent green can you?

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Tuesday Top

I love dyeing with Koolaid and I'd love to put more time into it and come up with a range of Koolaid dyed fibres to sell.  But too many other things to dye at the moment, so please enjoy this Rainbow Kid Mohair dyed with koolaid by 44clovers. So awesome!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Some Spinning

My new e-spinner is working a treat.  There was a slight hiccup with plying and bobbin movement but apparently a pvc pipe spacer was all that was needed to alleviate the issue.  Is there anything that pvc pipe can't fix?  Well, if there is, I'm sure it would be fixable with gaffa tape...

So, I have finished two new yarns. 

One is the first from the Spin the Bin Challenge that I'm taking part in on Ravelry.  It came out lovely and soft but that's not that surprising when it is a BFL and Angora blend.  The fibre was from Ixchel Bunny.

The second is Merino that was dyed with Koolaid and Wiltons food dye with some friends a few weeks ago.  It came out great.  I love the colours - pinky red with a little bit of brown - so I chain plyed to keep them separate.  There was some other Merino that we dyed at the same time that was quite unattractive.  I swore to my friends that it would be fine once spun and I'd combine the two yarns to make a hat.  We'll see...