Sunday, 23 March 2014

Beer and Bomb 5

Well, this confirms it.  There is definately a link between yarn bombing and craft beer. 

We went to check out the new Little Creatures Brewery in Geelong. 

Little Creatures is getting ridiculous and I'm kinda with you when you say that it can no longer be classed as "craft" beer.  Their Geelong Brewery is like some kinda theme park.  It's massive, has it's own craft market, there were bands, long lines and nowhere to sit. It was actually all a bit much for me as I like to enjoy my beers while sitting quietly at a comfortable table.  It would probably be fine on a quiet weekday but we were there on a sunny weekend lunchtime.

 So, in relation to the "bomb", there was this. 

It's obviously not actually yarn bombed but part of the planned decor.  The whole place had a bit of a hipster tone and I think that may be the link that I've been noticing. 

Craft beer and craft, hipster?

I think that may be a developing stereotype.

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