Sunday, 16 March 2014

Holiday Knitting

After recent successes and in need for places to ride our motorbikes to, we have taken up visiting secondhand markets on the weekends.  We went to the Belmont Sunday Market in Geelong and it was awesome!  I got all sorts of crafty stuff and I could have got more.

This was the winner:

It is a little coffee stained (well, I hope it's coffee) but it's in pretty good shape, the print is good, it's got a tape measure attached to the back and the zipper works.  In fact, open the zipper up and what's inside but all this  "holiday" knitting.  Someone was working on some acrylic baby awesomeness apparently.
How much did this all cost me?  Three dollars, yep, and I reckon I could have got it cheaper if I had haggled.

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