Monday, 3 March 2014

Some Spinning

My new e-spinner is working a treat.  There was a slight hiccup with plying and bobbin movement but apparently a pvc pipe spacer was all that was needed to alleviate the issue.  Is there anything that pvc pipe can't fix?  Well, if there is, I'm sure it would be fixable with gaffa tape...

So, I have finished two new yarns. 

One is the first from the Spin the Bin Challenge that I'm taking part in on Ravelry.  It came out lovely and soft but that's not that surprising when it is a BFL and Angora blend.  The fibre was from Ixchel Bunny.

The second is Merino that was dyed with Koolaid and Wiltons food dye with some friends a few weeks ago.  It came out great.  I love the colours - pinky red with a little bit of brown - so I chain plyed to keep them separate.  There was some other Merino that we dyed at the same time that was quite unattractive.  I swore to my friends that it would be fine once spun and I'd combine the two yarns to make a hat.  We'll see...

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