Monday, 9 February 2015

This Week

This week there are some things in progress and some things finished which is a nice place to be.

First, I finished my Diving In Shawelette.  A lot of people say it is a boring knit as it is all garter stitch, well I guess I'm in the mood for boring as it went really fast.  I was thinking of making it larger as I do have more yarn but in the end I decided it was big enough. It has a basic triangle shape and I didn't want it to be too shawl like, this way I can block it quite long and thin.  Much preferred.

I went to visit Cat and Sparrow at the Gisborne Markets last week and got some of their Amethyst Mystery fibre.  It's a blend of Merino, Shetland, Alpaca and Bamboo in dark greens and purples and blacks, really soft.  It's spinning up quite dark, but in the right light it has glints of the green and purple.  It's kinda awesome.

And last but not least not one of my projects.  My Mum has (re)learnt to knit and she made me a beanie.  I had to make my own pompom though!

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